Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ridiculously Good Looking

It's been a while since anything was put up here. So I, Michael, sensing the vacuum of content, have stepped in to provide you, the reader, with some entertaining news and visual stimuli. We'll begin with our recent move: We moved. Away from our beautiful ocean and mountain view apartment to the barracks of married students here at BYUH known as TVA (or Temple View Apartments).
Our sad little empty studio.....

Now while we miss our old place, I must say that living closer to both work and school, not to mention our good friends here; James and Elizabeth and Nate and Camille, is very nice! We have had get togethers almost every other day since moving in, and the social interaction has all but killed the reclusivity that set in while we were living at the edge of civilization.

We do save almost $400 a month in rent now so it's hard to complain about much.....however, i do have one major issue with TVA. Just about every night around 3 a.m. our neighbors small child starts a screaming frenzy that would send chills up even Mother Theresa's spine. The kid usually quiets down again about two hours later, but by that point I am wide awake....not to mention a little disturbed at the prospect of having a few of my own screaming dynamo's. And if there is any justice in the universe, after what I put my parents through, my children will be able to generate the kinds of decibels that shatter glass.

So we've spent the last few weekends on various projects. Sherrilyn expressed an interest in learning to play the Glockenspiel. So I sprang into action and ordered the first affordable one I could find. She is getting pretty dang good at it and I am SO PROUD of her! We've played music together a few times, we even wrote a song together. I can honestly say that singing and playing music with my lovely companion is my favorite thing to do.....ever.
The sexiest woman alive, rockin' the glock.

The walls in our new diggs are almost entirely bare white brick, which is the same stuff they make mental hospitals out of. So we went a bit nuts and decked the walls to match our flava'. Here's a shot of our handi work: I call it "art punches you in the face, right in the face!"

In addition to bare walls, we also have pretty poor circulation due to the fact that our windows are rusted shut. Not to be done in by the summer island heat, I found some plans for a cheap air conditioning unit online. It's a pretty simple idea really, but brilliant! A copper tube attached to a fan is filled with cold water and as the fan blows warm air across the cool pipes, the air cools down and so do you! I made a few modifications to the design by adding an aquarium pump. James came over to help me assemble it and before long we had a self contained, self circulating air conditioner. Observe:Building...


Yeah, it works well. If ice is added to the coolant reservoir than the room gets chilly pretty quick. Sherrilyn actually got too cold sitting next to it. Yes, I am very pleased with myself!

Thats about all i have for you at the moment. Be sure to check back later for my full and detailed report on life in Laie. There will be snacks. yes, there WILL be snacks!

Also! If any of you are interested, my album is still available on iTunes, Rhapsody AND Napster. Just type in Sir Anthonys Ghost in the search bar and you should find it no problem. All proceeds go to me! (which I then give to BYUH in exhange for a Fine Arts degree....huzzah!)


Christi said...

Yeah! I am glad to see you guys are still alive. I miss you so much! Hope you enjoy your new apt!

Lisa Holbrook said...

that's a nice quilt you have there, on the back of your couch.

love you guys!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

nice job. That was a very impressive blog. I can't wait to show James.

Suguturaga Family said...

Yea...a new blog. I remember those mental hospital walls. We stayed in a studio and it was awesome. We could make dinner and watch tv and take a nap all in the same room. Yea TVA... I love that place.

Sam said...

My dear cousins :) I'm glad I found you. The air conditioner is pretty awesome. Hope things are going well for you! Love you sherri! - Sam