Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Both Sherrilyn and I have a soft spot in our hearts for dogs. We are what you call "dog-people" that is not to say, however, that we posses any canine-like attributes ourselves. We do not, for example, eat garbage or sniff each others hind quarters in a friendly greeting. But when we see emaciated puppies abandoned at beach parks we cannot sit idly by. that is how we met this wonderful little fellow.

We discovered him at Hukilau beach park starving and literally covered in fleas. We took him home, cleaned him up (which entailed picking hundreds of fleas of his bony little body for the better part of three hours.) We named him Zero because he had 0% body fat :) He was one of the friendliest little guys we have ever met. Sadly, because we live in an apartment complex that does not allow pets, we had to find him a new home via craigslist. He went home with a very nice woman a day or two later.

The treatment of dogs here on the island is disgusting at best. They are puchased at shady pet stores on a lark and as soon as the novelty wears off they are chained to a tree and forgotten, either that or beaten and turned mean to hunt the wild pigs in the mountains here. It's heartbreaking really. If you are a dog owner on Oahu and you are reading this, please treat your animals with the love and respect they deserve.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

better late than never....

...and this post comes with NO promise of regular follow ups, but i do feel a bit silly that we have started this blog and have not updated it with any regularity. We have been crazy busy though. here's a brief update:

Sherrilyn - Is now going to school full time and is about a year away from completing her degree in social work, after which we are going to find a good school for her masters degree. She is getting better and better at the glockenspiel and has added the melodica and the omnichord to her line up of instruments. The two of us play in a fun gypsy-like band called Haberdashery and have our own wife and husband duo called "Oh No!"...we mostly cover songs by artists we like, but it's a lot of fun. Her hair is a bit longer than it has been in recent years and I for one think she looks fantastic (as always). she is still cute as a button and is getting very sneakey with her giving of hickeys the last few weeks, my neck bears witness to this with many shades of red and purple.

Me (Michael)
- I am still working at the media production center for the school and going to school full time for my degree in art. I am currently doing ceramics and sculpture and have found that I completley suck at turning pottery on the wheel. I broke down and got myself a banjo this last month because I have been wanting one for a long time. I am having fun learning it, but I am sure I am driving our neighbors crazy! I have also developed a taste for Gruyere and Manchego cheese and am looking for others to devour with gusto.

We recently had a litte vacation on the east coast over the holiday break and I will post some photos here below. We are very grateful to Shelli and Devyn for putting up with us for two weeks and showing us the sights of Massachusets, New Hampshire and New York. We had a great time and it was a much needed break from school, work and all the mormons around here (heh heh).

Well, we are off to our twice a week yoga class, here are a couple photos from our vacation (you can see more of them as well as videos of Lynn and I performing with our band on my Facebook page