Monday, March 24, 2008

what a view

This is the view that we have from our window. it's such a beautiful view that it almost makes me feel like the price we pay to live here is fair enough. (at least until rent's due) we have officially been here for 6 months now and we've adjusted quite well to living in such a confined space. i'll post pictures of our lovely living area as soon as i take pictures... or just a picture, seems how everything will fit quite nicely in just one picture due to our tiny living space. but the outside view make up for the insides lack of space.
sending much love and good wishes your way.
ta ta for now

Friday, March 21, 2008

sweet butterfly

My class just recently learned about metamorphosis and we got to watch some local monarch butterflies change from tiny little caterpillars to these beautiful butterflies. it was a fun couple of weeks to watch them grow. this is the first one that broke free of its chrysalis and we got to set her free.
"if there were no change, then there wouldn't be any butterflies."

pinapple delight

before.... its a lot of delicious pineapple ice cream thats for sure

After... but why waist?

I don't know how to turn this picture so you'll just have to turn your head. but who would have thought this was how pineapple's grew. i had no idea.

Oh Christmas Tree

This is our lovely Christmas tree. seems how we live in the land of only palm trees they have to ship the pine trees in and it costs a lot of money. average is about $75 per tree. so while Ludene, Michaels mother, was visiting she asked if they had any branches and they gave us a couple of those instead. but look at what a nice tree that makes. Christmas was perfect.

Christmas in Hawaii

hiking to the falls. if you can call it hiking. nice paved road the entire way and we all wore sandals. it was more like taking a nice walk rather than hiking.

This is Waimea Falls and if any of you watch the show Lost then you've seen this before. When Debra came for Christmas we decided to take the journey back to this area; initially we were going to try the whole swimming thing, but swimming in "pea soup" colored water looked less appealing the closer we got.

yep... that's us

We sure do miss this cute little guy. we have so many wonderful memories with him and its hard to think that he's gone from our lives forever. But knowing he's in a better place makes me feel happy for him. And even though we have 14 rats and a couple of gecko's it still doesn't make up for not having Charlie.

right now im mostly posting pictures to get my foundation set for this whole blog thing. then i'll do a bit more chatting but until then, hope you like the pictures.

pictures of love

Shelli, Cassin, and Devyn... coming soon is baby Kate. (no pressure but thats my favorite name) aren't they the sweetest family. love you all so much.

fun memories... i know that some of these pictures9or all of them) are i a few months old but I'm posting them anyways. so i hope you all enjoy.


this is my sweet sweet honey bun face. and one evening we were a bit on the bored side of life and this wonderful man decided to make us some masks. I'm not entirely sure why, but the word poop still makes me giggle. he he he.

sweet mornings

this is the lovely view that i get to wake up to every morning. And in the evenings we can go watch the hump back whales as they migrate to Maui. i wish i had a picture of that but i guess you'll just have to take my word for it. its really a beautiful place to be. i love it!!!