Sunday, July 6, 2008

pictures and stuff

So as I was sitting here putting together my application for some Art Scholarship/Grant thingys, I figured it might be kind of cool to throw some of my work up on here for you fine people to check out. If all goes well, I am looking at anywhere from $1000 to $3000 in free money to help me finish school. My main focus has been 2D imagery (photography, block prints, etching etc...) I have a bunch of color slides I have yet to get added, but that a whole different story. Basically, I go to the only university that, when it shifted from film to digital photography THREW OUT OR GAVE AWAY all of it's 35mm equipment! SO I have no way of reproducing my photos without going all the way down to Honolulu (grrrrrr....the is a frustrating/sensitive topic for me) Anyway, here's what I cobbled together so far! Enjoy! -Mike

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mangoes and Sunburns

Hey folks, Mike here. We've had a pretty hectic past few weeks, full of both fun and work. Sherrilyn started school and I quit one of my jobs to concentrate on school and media production training. However, we still manage to log enough time at the beach to get horribly sunburned. Observe:

Poor Sherrilyn got the worst of it, I spent that weekend applying multiple layers of aloe to her lobster red shoulders. I took a swimming class the previous term and spent lots of time in the sun, so I didn't really get too toasty. The lesson learned here is....the sun warm, and deadly!

It's mango season! There are mango trees EVERYWHERE here! and they are just dripping with these little beautys! There are so many mangoes lying around that you can practically pick them up off the ground just about anywhere you go. (and yet, oddly enough, they are still $1.69 a pound in the grocery store).